Olympus UK X Paris

During July I had the crazy idea to sign up for an Olympus UK event to Paris (which I have never been to) that would involve a photo walk lead by Olympus Ambassador Yes Zebra aka Martina. I thought about it for a day or two before jumping at the chance.

What made me pause for a day or two was that the travel to Paris would be a train at 5:30 in the morning! For anyone that knows me, you know I struggle with waking up on a normal day so I made the bold decision not to sleep and to instead get to London really late the night before and roam the streets until the train.

It was great! Although I didn't get to take self portraits in the Kings Cross tunnel like I planned, I did get to eat at Duck and Waffle at a ridiculous time and take some night photography around the city.

A few hours of waiting and I was ready to meet the Olympus team and the rest of the photographers who would be going to Paris on the Euro Star.

The trip in total cost £60 with Olympus. This covered the ticket and their time organising everything. This did not include my travel to London but that's negligible.

If you've never been on an Olympus event you'll be happy to know it's open to everyone if you get a ticket, and as long as you have insurance you can try out different equipment they offer! I myself was trying not to tempt myself with new equipment but rather wanted to explore Paris with the amazing guide that is Yes Zebra who is known for her amazing travel photos.

And explore I did. I even put together a video on the train journey back that got featured on the Olympus UK blog!!

You can check it out below if you haven't seen it on my IGTV already.

I unfortunately did not win the prize for the best picture of the trips theme but the feature was prize enough. The best picture prize was won by non other than Dadyougeek who is a spectacular photographer currently taking some epic shots in Canada.

I can't wait to sign up to my next event with Olympus. Below are some of my favourite shots from the event.

You can view the rest of my favourite shots on my Instagram.