Simone in smoke



As like last summer the force that is UK Shooters took a trip across the UK to help connect photographers and videographers with each other while helping them up their portrait photography game. This year they teamed up with Sony and Jessops, travelling from Newcastle to Leeds and then finally Birmingham.

The UK Shooters team including Mike (@m.visuals), Luke(@watchluke), Gigi (@ggphotographyofficial), Keenan (@keenanlam) and Cyrus (@cyrusnezami) arranged a route at each of these locations for the army of photographers and models to follow.

As like last year everyone came together to create wonderfully creative photos. However unlike last year there was a spectacular prize to shoot for in the form of a creator kit worth £7500!

Lots to play for. Everyone brought their A game, including me. Unfortunately I did not win the kit, that honour went to Jack Gracie, but I did improve my photography so that's a win in my books.

Before I even started to edit the photos I took I decided to give a taster of what happened in Brum using video I shot using my Osmo Pocket and some of the shots straight from camera.


Click the link to see the video

Once that was done, I like everyone else had a week to edit the shots we got and upload them to instagram using the relevant hashtags and handles. It was a crazy week of editing and posting. Pretty sure I survived on 3 hours sleep a night...I might need to re-evaluate my definition of fun haha.

But in all seriousness I was really pleased with what came out of the edits. Whittling down 1000 pictures to 400 to 70 potential posts and then finally those that made it onto instagram in the time frame. As you might guess I still have pictures to post. But until then you can see some of my favourites. You can also see a highlight reel on my IGTV.

Hopefully you've enjoyed my shots, I'll be posting some of them on instagram as the summer rolls on. If you like them be sure to double tap them on instagram and all that jazz, it does help with knowing which ones people like.

If you can guess which one is my favourite you win a prize!

Models on the day you can find on instagram using the handles below:

@pererauk @tasha_lawer @iamshawnaleigh @beckiiwhiting @pereraUK @thenaikage @philbarothomas @luk3_pric3 @elliedale_x @simonestocksmodel @amymccranor @ariyagram @margarita.latoseva @shio_limitededition