Hey, it’s Trev aka TV Trev or more recently; TV Trev Photography and this I guess is where you find out all about me in 2 minutes…


I’m a midlands based photographer providing affordable portrait photography for students, graduates and young professionals. My career in marketing and obsession with television have taught me to look at things a little differently than the norm and this shows itself in my photography.

My passion for photography truly took root a few years ago, leading me to explore the world around me through a lens and even becoming one of the admins of Igerscoventry an Instagram community for Coventry and Warwickshire.

Through my exploration with my camera as well as conversations with friends & colleagues I’ve realised that we are increasingly judged by how we present ourselves. This is most true for students, graduates and young professionals who have to navigate the interconnecting paths of social media, dating and job hunting.

This is where my style of natural, and authentic photos comes into play. I will shoot on location and work with clients to create a bespoke look appropriate for whatever their need at an affordable price.

My specialty is natural portrait work but I do also work events, feel free to enquire today for a quote and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Photo by the one and only Thom Bartley (the site may or may not have zoomed in on my face my head isn’t that big in reality…okay it’s huge but don’t stare)